Feng Shui for better and healthier life

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Feng Shui for better and healthier life

We all have days when we don’t want to get out of the house and we would rather spend whole day in bed. Our level of energy is very low at those moments. The opinion of decoration experts is that energy of our space is combined with our energy and that is called Feng Shui. We have become slaves of work and time. Torn between too many things, we can’t find proper time to rest, sometimes our own home irritate us.

Get rid of all things that you don’t need. Over the years we accumulate lot of stuff that creates mess in our space and in our life. For some people this can take days, while others are emotionally attached to some things. It is the best way is to start for one room, cleaning always takes time. According to Feng Shui, even small mess prevents flow of positive energy.

While you are cleaning divide your things in three categories. Stuff that you don’t use any more. You should put them away into a garage or you can give them to someone. Things that have emotional meaning for you, find them place, but don’t make a mess and thing that you intend to keep.

While you are walking through your home and if you are constantly tripping over your carpet or you are hitting the pieces of furniture or you have trouble with opening the door, this all means that you need to rearrange your space. Air needs to flow freely through every part of your house. Windows should never be blocked and for the reflection of this energy use mirrors that can direct energy to other parts of your home, but never put them opposite the doors.
Feng Shui has five elements: water, fire, air, earth and metal. First place occupies wood. Wood is a symbol of power, birth, flexibility and intuition. You have to have good balance when using wood in your space. Too little wooden designs can be responsible of lack of creativity and depression.


Fire increases enthusiasm and power of leadership. Fire should encourage your expressiveness, inspiration and courage. Too much fire can bring you in state of anger, aggression and reckless behavior. While lack of it can cause reduced confidence, bad sight and indifference. Use candles to bring fire in your home, you can also use lights in pink, red and purple color.

Earth influences on your physical strength and order. Too much of earth in your living space can cause you the feeling of boredom, seriousness and laziness. While too many souses mess and lack of concentration. Bring into your space earth in color green, brown and in color of sand. Metal influences on mental sharpness and logic. Use stuff that is made of metal in the oval and circular shape. Anything that is made of metal. In aluminum or in gold and choose gray, silver and light pastel colors. Element of water is responsible for spirituality and emotions. Bring water into your home by using aquarium. You can pain one side of him in black or in blue, green and purple. You can add one side to be made of mirror.

Few Useful Tips on Home Improvement

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Few Useful Tips on Home Improvement

1.      Bathroom mini makeover—$430

You can purchase an inexpensive granite bathroom vanity top which will provide elegance of natural stone to your home. These granite tops can be found in almost every home center. The price ranges from $150 to $450-depends on the size. Firstly, you should order new things for your bathroom and then examine them if they do not have some flaws. You should begin with tearing out the old fixtures, painting the walls and adding a new mirror. Set up the faucet, install the granite top and in the end, try connecting the plumbing.


2.      Wallpaper one wall—$280

·         Close-up of wallpaper

Wallpapers are back! There is a wide range of wallpaper choice. What is good about wallpapers is that you do not have to cover every wall in order to make change. You can paper only one wall, and thus making those fine papers affordable. Also, it takes less time to finish the job. You should always measure dimensions of the walls before buying the wallpapers. These dimensions should be taken to interior designers to give you some ideas about choosing the right paper.


Click here to learn more

·         Halogen track lighting

This type of track lighting helps you in putting the light precisely where you want to; you can move it around. The price of track lighting has decreased. You can find this type of lighting at home centers, lighting stores and online. There are various web-based catalogs where you can get some interesting ideas and various options.


4.       Kitchen rollouts—$40 to $80

·         Installed rollout

One of the easiest and finest upgrades that can be done in your kitchen is rollout. Everything that is pushed in the back of the cabinets is easier to be found with rollouts. Also, you will get more storage space. You can buy these rollouts online or at some of the home centers. It is very simple to install them. You should simply mount them to the shelves that are already there. Also, do not forget to measure sizes of the cabinets!


5.       Trim and paint—$380

Remodel your dining room by adding a chair rail and a crown molding. This is the key to easy but fast redecorating. You can start by painting the trim so as to have a largest color impact. Always try to find colors that go well together and that work well with the furniture you already possess. This can be a challenging task! So, in order to do this, you should look through the pictures in magazines and search for suggestions by various manufacturers that you can find at the home centers. So as to find colors that match you can simply take pictures of the rooms you wish to paint and then consult with a paint dealer. You can take a look at the paint samples that home centers or paint dealers can provide you with.



Eleven Interesting, But Useful Tips to Improve Your Home

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Eleven Interesting, But Useful Tips to Improve Your Home

1.       Go Light

Try using bright colors of lights for walls and the floor. Softer shades usually make it seem like the room is larger and brighter, too.

2.       Hang a Mirror

If you put a mirror on the opposite side from a window, it will reflect the light all around the room; so, try to put a big mirror.

3.       Sprinkle in Some Metallics

A soft, slightly wavering light fixture, or a lamp will have similar function as a mirror; it will bounce the light around the room, making the room seem bigger.

4.       Install Floating Shelves

You will have more room by adding floating shelves to your house, instead of having dusty bookcases, chests and armoires. You can also replace your nightstands with floating shelves.

5.       Make Use of Corners

You can always put something into empty corners in your house, for example an armchair, bookshelf, a chair; thus, the room will look livable.

6.       Fake Bigger Windows

If you do not set curtain rods right above the frame of the window, but a few inches below the ceiling, your windows will look taller and bigger. This is a super-great trick if you like bigger windows, but simply you cannot afford new ones.

7.       Opt for Airy Pieces

Pick a see-through acrylic table or one with an open metal base instead of tradition wooden coffee table, which can make a room seem smaller.

8.       Decorate With Double-Duty Finds

You can use your garden stool as a spot to perch, or as an end table. Also, for holding TV remotes, you can make use of an ottoman for that, or make it a place for sitting. Finally, a bench could be used for displaying books if you do not use it regularly.

9.       Sneak in Some Storage

An easy way to keep a small room from becoming cluttered is to choose furniture with space to store objects, like a coffee table with a shelf below, a bench with bins underneath, and an ottoman with a removable top and empty space inside. Note how this work space/dining space has clever cubbies to stash belongings.

10.   Make Your Furniture Mobile

Buying furniture on casters—or outfitting it with casters yourself—allows you to easily rearrange pieces as needed, whether that means pushing a chair, table, or kitchen island out of the way or rolling a futon into position to comfortably set up overnight guests.

11.   Bring in a Plant

If you wish to make your room feel fresh and bright, then you should definitely bring some greenery into your house.  You can also hang a plant on the wall or somewhere else if you have no room on the floor. Be careful to make a big plant moveable so you can easily move it from a room to another room, or protect it from sun spaces inside.





How can you decorate your house in a day?

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How can you decorate your house in a day?

When you come home and look at your home from a distance, do you like what you see?

Does your house stand out in any way?

If the answer is “no,” then maybe you should consider a few quick projects you can do in one day and contribute to a better appearance of your house.




Wooden garage doors look especially elegant and beautiful. You can opt for garage doors of artificial wood. All you need to do is to choose the right color, and you will achieve that your wish come true. If you do not have a garage, you can refresh the front door of your home a bright color.

 COLOUR FURNITURE on the porch

Color can really make a big difference, so if you want to give your porch or terrace fresh and new look, you can paint the furniture. Maybe you have some plain white chairs that looked beautiful in a cheerful color.


The floors on the porch you can also repaint, perhaps an unusual color to get rid of the old place and get a new fresh look.


Pots of flowers outside the window will make sure that your home look attractive. Window flower pots have this charming, traditional look, which can also looks great in modern homes.

Replace the old house number

The first impression you get when you are approaching to someone’s home, is certainly a house number. Replace your old number and you will immediately improve the appearance of your home. When we speak of house numbers, if you really want to be original, you can take advantage of interesting ideas, for example, numbers can be printed with color on pots and placed in front of your front door.

New catch is another one of those little things that can make a big difference. If you want something unique, you can use the old pipe for the industrial layout.
Welcome the guests in your home with custom – made mat. Buy plain mat and use the spray to personalize.
If you have two or three steps leading to the front door, you can decorate with potted plants and flowers. Use two or more colors for dynamic and lively look.
The mailbox can also contribute to a better appearance of your home. Give your mailbox makeover. You can paint your interesting colors or customize it however you want.


gardeninglights_2705373bThe secret lies in the welcoming light. When it is dark outside, your home should be well lit, so use lamps and chandeliers that illuminate his front door and run. Use solar lights for illuminating paths in your yard.

If only some of these things you apply in your home, you will notice a big difference. For these changes you need quite some time, and your home will shine in a new light.



Nine tricks to improve your home

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Nine tricks to improve your home


Remodeling the house it’s always hard and dirty work.

But results that come after that often give you great

satisfaction and pleasurable moments in your new home.



1. Create beautiful book shelves under your stairs

Use the space under your stairs, who is always vacant or you use it as a storage deposit, to create book shelves. You can display there your books and sort of create a small library.


2. Make a big cozy living room

It’s important to have comfortable place at your home were you spend big part of day.  Big cozy living room is right choice for remodeling. You can add big couches and design one wall in stone bricks on which you can put a big flat TV screen.  That environment will make you feel relaxed and rested.

kitchen-with-upscale-stainless-appliances3. Maximize the space in the kitchen with additional cabinets

Kitchen is a place where you should pay special attention. This is a second place where are you going to be spending lot of time preparing food. So you should make this place more spacious. By adding more cabinets and baseboards: you can delay there all the kitchen tools that you don’t use on a regular basis.

4. Paint your walls in different colors

Use a different shade of color for every wall. You can choose to do this in a living room or in a bedroom. It will give your space modern design and you will feel happier every time when you see it. Especially if you use some vibrant color.

5. Build a walk in shower

This will give your bathroom an elegant note, beside it really practical no more cramped space and no more glass cleaning. You only have to enjoy in your bath.

6. Reorganize your bedroom 

Less is more. Always be guided by that thought. Your bedroom should only have one big bed, two night stands and a walk in closet. Buy yourself a nice comfortable bed, that is important for good night rest. Your bedroom should have minimalistic look, but be sure to leave some personal stamp. Maybe pictures of your loved ones on a night stand.

Bunk-Beds-With-Stairs1-300x2407. Built your children a bunker room

If you are married and have more than two children; instead of giving them their rooms and occupying  the additional space you cam built them a bunker room that is contained from joined beds with made stairs between the so they can easily move around.


8. Organize your storage

Build a lot of shelves on your storage deposit.  In that way you can organize it better. You will avoid messy situations and things getting lost. Your storage will look better and it will be more practical. You will also make place for any future things that you need to deposit.

9. Improve the lighting in the house

Buy small modern light bulbs, they can be put in various angles in the ceiling and above of your dining table you can put three hanging lamps. It’s always nice to have lamp above your entrance door.